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I'm Michelle

I help women find a beauty routine that works with their lifestyle.

Hey, lady!

Whether you're up for a style overhaul or just a quick trim, I'm here to assist. With 15 years of specialized haircutting experience, I'll tailor a look that suits your preferences, no matter how much or how little time you want to invest.

After high school, I really didn't want to be back in a classroom. So, instead of the typical job search, I decided to give hair school a shot. Turns out, it was a love story waiting to happen. Sometimes, the unexpected paths lead to the best discoveries, and for me, hairstyling became that unexpected passion.

I have a genuine love for the art of hairstyling and relish the continuous opportunity for improvement and growth. My specialisation lies in short, precision cuts, promoting scalp health, and crafting dimensional brunettes. What sets me apart is my commitment to using holistic methods and clean, low-toxicity products, ensuring your hair journey is not only beautiful but also mindful of your well-being.

I am passionate about our environment and ensuring we are using better quality products for our health. Hair care is a part of our health, and it is important that we take our products and beauty services seriously. By making better choices and being mindful of the services performed in the salon, we protect the hair integrity and our wellbeing.

Michelle Blythen
Salon True August 2022-36.jpg

I am committed to delivering the best possible service to help you achieve your dream hair, all while safeguarding your overall health, hair well-being, and our environment.

Ever had a hair experiment gone wrong and felt the sting of stylist judgment? Not on my watch. You own your hair journey, and I'm here to be your collaborator, explaining the science of hair without any judgment.

I'm a Kiwi by birth and have called Canada home since 2013. Alongside my partner, I share my space with a rescue pup. In my spare time, you'll find me immersed in the world of gaming – a devoted player of The Sims franchise since 2000, and currently making my way through the entire Assassin's Creed series. When I'm not conquering virtual worlds, I balance my interests with yoga, heavy weightlifting sessions, and mountain swimming (once the ice decides to melt). Don't be too quick to trust me saying, "The water is fine!" amidst those mountain swims.

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